These are the most watched esports Twitch channels of this year

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The top 10 most-watched Twitch channels covering esports tournaments has changed significantly compared to last year. League of Legends shows to be the most popular with the Twitch audience.

That much has changed is due to the corona pandemic. This year the esports industry made the transition from online tournaments to offline tournaments, some with and some without an audience. As a result, some channels increased or decreased in comparison to last year.

Top 3

This year’s top 3 is a new number 1. The Twitch channel LCKKorea has managed to take over the top spot from ESLCSGO. The Korean channel produces the broadcast for the LCK and also the Korean coverage of the World Championship. In 2021, the LCK stopped broadcasting the Korean competition on YouTube, causing many fans to switch to Amazon’s platform. In total, nearly 77.5 million hours were watched on the channel.

ESL’s Twitch channel came in second due to the strong growth of the Korean League of Legends channel. CSGO Majors always do very well on Twitch and this year’s numbers are proof of that once again. A total of 74.8 million hours were watched on the CSGO channel.

The official Riot Games Twitch channel closes out the top 3. In total, people watched 58.9 million hours of the game developer’s channel. The channel is mainly used to broadcast League of Legends competitions such as the LCK, LEC and LCS. But other games from Riot are also covered. Fans of Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift and Valorant have also been present on the channel. In addition, the premiere of Arcane was shared via the Twitch channel.

Riot Games dominates

In the rest of the top 10, the game developer makes four more appearances. The French channel OTP started in January this year and immediately made a strong impression. In its first year of existence, the channel manages to secure the fourth spot. In total, people watched 51.5 million hours of the French channel.

In places nine and ten, we again encounter two League of Legends channels. The Twitch channels that produce the broadcast for the LEC and CBLOL managed to put up good numbers this year, placing themselves in the top 10 most watched esports channels.

Besides League of Legends, Riot Games has another game in the top 10 with Valorant. The official Valorant channel managed to capture the seventh spot with 44.6 million hours watched. The game did not manage to make it into the top 10 last year.

Other channels

The Twitch channel of Rocket League and the Russian Dota2 channel are close together. With 50.3 and 50.2 million, they come in at spots 4 and 5. Both channels improve on last year’s number of watched hours. Especially Rocket League made a big jump in the number of watched hours. It is notable, however, that it is only the only Dota2 channel in the top 10 this year.

Last but not least, Rainbow Six Siege managed to get the official Twitch channel into the top 10 for the first time. With 41.4 million hours watched, it landed in spot 8.