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We are a young and dynamic team with years of Esport and gaming experience. Our flat hierarchy helps us adjust to our ever changing work environment quickly and without issues. Being digital natives allows us to predict and set trends while having fun. If you want to be part of a modern company with a young mindset, you have come to the right adress!
Fragster is the combination of everything that makes Esport and gaming so great. Exciting news, events, social media, creativity, management, analysis and, of course, memes. We were bored by platforms that focus on only one aspect of the scene and wanted to build something, that brings everything together in one place. Fragster is Esport.



Daniel Bürgle

Founder & CEO
Daniel 'dabootv' Bürgle has been working in the Esports business for more than 9 years already. He started gaming in 2004, when he picked up Unreal Tournament. His career allowed him to gather a lot of experience, including working for one of the most successful gaming agencies in europe

Adrian Hildebrand

Head of Content Creation
Adrian Hildebrand is one of our very first members and can handle virtually anything. From managing products to producing content, he has done it all and does it all. His years of experience in the influencer business help him achieve awesome results and stay ahead of the curve.

Alexander Witt

Chief Editor
Alexander Witt is the heart and soul of our editorial. He actually started his career by covering high-level auctions and managing the according content. But his true passion was gaming, so he finally came home to where he belongs. Now he produces and overlooks our multifaceted editorial.

Leni Rueß

Leni Rueß is our jack of all trades. She is an experienced writer with a knack for the extraordinary. She makes sure our stories are filled with character and brings them to life. It's not about reading, it's about experiencing the story!

Sören Skubowius

Social Media Management
Sören Skubowius has been gaming his whole life, starting with Pokémon Pearl in 2006. For the last six years he has been part of numerous Esports Titles and always stays in tune with the most recent memes and social media trends.