These are the highest earning esports teams of 2021

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The year is coming to an end and that’s always a good time to look back. Many prize pools this year were higher than ever, so we look back at the teams that earned the most this year.

Every year the prize pool of The International, Dota2’s world championship, increases. Every year it is invariably the esports tournament with the largest prize pool. In this year, it did not undercut its reputation. With a prize pool of $40 million, the prize pool was much larger than any other esports tournament this year.

Most deserving teams

Therefore, it is no surprise that three of the top earning teams of 2021 had good results at The International.

The team that managed to win the most prize money in 2021 is Team Spirit’s Dota team. The Russian team miraculously managed to take the win at the World Championship. The players had been under contract to the team for less than a year and had not yet achieved much. Through a qualifying tournament they managed to qualify for The International. Through the lower bracket the team reached the final and eventually won. The victory gave the team 18.2 million dollars, just under 50 percent of the prize money.

Losing finalist PSG.LGD, however, earned enough with the second place to also be the second most earning esports team of the year. Throughout the season, it became clear that the Chinese team was one of the best teams in the world. It was one of the favorites for the world championship. The upset in the final will be remembered for a while, but the second place did win the team $5.2 million.

The third spot was also claimed by a Dota team. Team Secret, an experienced team with multiple TI winners, was hoping for a good result. The team met Team Spirit in the lower bracket and lost. With the third place finish, the team won $3.6 million.


Na’Vi’s CS:GO team came very close to claiming the third spot. The team managed to win several major tournaments including the Blast Global Final and PGL Stockholm Major. Through all the wins and other result, the team won $3.4 million this year.